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Our Goal At Austin Credit Care Is To Help You Build A Credit Portfolio To Reach Your Goals!


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How We Can Help You 
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A Personal Credit Repair Service


Full Credit Analysis Including All 3 Credit Bureau Reports

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Understand Your Credit Score

We teach you how to understand your credit reports. We build you a Personalized Credit Report Summary

Credit Repair, Account Deletions

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We Help Remove Negative Accounts 

We use verification and factual disputing to get negative accounts DELETED from your credit report.

Building A Credit Portfolio To Fit Your Needs

At Home

Building Positive Credit and Education

We teach our clients how to build a credit portfolio that will impress lenders. Our clients learn how to use their credit to finance assets with low interest rates.

Dedicated Account Specialist

Our Credit Repair Specialist Are Dediated To Your Credit Success. Your Specialist Handles Your Score From 500 To 700

 Email and Phone Support

We Provide Outstanding Support To Our Clients.

Client Portal Login

Login To Your Client Portal To View Accounts We Are Working On And Progress Made!

Tailored Credit Building Plan

Stay On Track With Your Tailored Credit Building Plan. We Build A Plan Based On Your Goals And Budget!

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We Help Remove Negative Accounts From Your Credit Reports

Just Because An Account Is Listed On Your Credit Report, Doesn't Mean It's Accurate!

We Use Verification And Factual Disputing To Remove Negative Accounts From Your Credit Report.



Late Payments

Medical Bills

Student Loans


Broken Lease


Child Support

Short Sales

Tax Liens



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