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Austin Credit Care

We are dedicated to helping our clients repair, build and protect their credit. We use laws that protect you to challenge and remove negative items on your credit reports. We assist you in obtaining assets, real estate, and luxury items while paying thousands less in interest. Our dedicated specialist will help you reach your goals with credit repair.  


Get a personalized credit repair summary.

Track progress through your client portal.

Disputes are sent to each bureau weekly. 
We move fast!


Get approved by mortgage lenders
Pay thousands less in interest
Use our network of realtors and brokers
Rapid rescoring available **

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Obtain Your Credit Reports and Monitoring

Identity IQ Credit Monitoring and Protection


Free Credit Consultation

Talk with a specialist about your goals with credit repair. We will explain how we can help, and how the credit repair process works.

Credit Report Analysis

Disect your credit reports from all 3 bureaus with a credit repair expert.

Credit Life Plan

Once we have been working on your repair for 30 days, book a Credit Life Plan appointment. Your dedicated Credit Specialist will build a plan tailored to your lifestyle, focused on building positive credit history.


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